IT Consortium is a business process solution provider with solutions in the financial, educational, and mobile network operator spaces.

As an aggregator of services for banks as well as mobile money platforms, with access to over 11 million mobile-money wallets across the West African sub-region, we are strategically positioned to bridge the financial inclusion gap by bringing formal financial services to the unbanked.

Our experience in creating technological innovations that are reliable and simply work are among the top reasons why our clients regard our solutions as the lowest risk and greatest value for their information technology investments.

What is unique about us?.

  1. We understand that all clients are not the same; we do not approach you with a one-size-fits-all attitude.
  2. Our extensive experience in continuously delivering solutions across unrelated industry sectors makes us your best bet for that new idea.
  3. We understand the payment space with great clarity and can determine the best workflows for your specific scenarios.

Corporate Philosophy

We adapt technology to create systems that provide clear competitive advantages to our customers. We do this with the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects.


We exist to provide innovative solutions that bring obvious value to our patrons


  1. To be the dominant and most trusted financial solutions provider in Africa.
  2. To be the provider of choice for educational systems for schools in Africa.
  3. Our vision is to create solutions that make life better for our patrons.