Who we serve

Financial Institutions

Hundreds of financial institutions utilize our suite of solutions to meet their customer’s evolving needs. These include commercial banks, investment banks, rural banks, savings and loans companies, and other non-traditional financial institutions. Two (2) out of three (3) banks in Ghana use our TransFlow® platform to serve their customers.


Universities and other tertiary institutions, as well as pre-tertiary institutions have used our school management platform for years in tracking the lifecycle of students from admissions to graduation. The integrated payments modules make fee payments a breeze.

Mobile Money Operators

Mobile money operators depend on our platforms to provide enhanced services to their clients and customers. These cut across merchant aggregation for bill payments; financial services products for micro investments, insurance, pensions, savings and loans and integrations with traditional bank accounts for push and pull.

Billers & Merchants

We provide end-to-end integration between billers and a variety of customer touch-points (bank, mobile, cards, ATMs, POS, etc). This delivers real-time engagement with customers by providing agile payment solutions that are easy to use.

Government Agencies

Government agencies often turn to us, not only to provide payment processing, but also to build custom workflows for public interaction with the services they offer. Whether complex or simple, IT Consortium ensures maximum value is derived from what we offer.


If you have ever interacted with financial institutions, paid your bills online or with mobile money or applied for a university online, there is a great chance ITC’s platforms have powered the movement of your funds and transactional information. Stay tuned for more specific consumer facing products soon to be released onto the African market.

Story About Us

We love to solve problems, and to solve them holistically. That is how our vision, of building software for schools, evolved through our endless quest to provide great solutions to problems, motived us to play a leading role  in the financial services technology solutions space.

Our mission is simple: To provide innovative systems that bring value to our patrons. We adapt technology to create systems that provide clear competitive advantages to our customers. At IT Consortium, we strictly adhere to high ethical standards and exhibit pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects.

Our Products .

Our products and services are architected around Transflow – our flagship payment solution. From this platform comes an array of products and services for industries such as banking and fincance, education and general payments.

The engine that runs the entire ecosystem


The TransFlow® payment ecosystem, our flagship product, is a payment platform that seeks to simplify and improve the efficiency of payments between customers, Merchants and channel providers.

We deliver realtime engagement with customers by providing agile payment solutions that are easy to use.

Cyber Security Consulting

To get your team up to speed with the current trends in cybersecurity we provide useful focused-training and consultation services.

Product Ideation

Do you have a really great idea about how to extend or build upon any of our products and services? We’ll love to help grow your idea.

Customized Application Development

We have a team of trusted partners who apply are passionate about building amazing products. Do get in touch.

Recent News .

IT Consortium has completed the PCI-DSS certification programme and is now officially a PCI-DSS certified company.