What is Transflow?

TransFlow®, our flagship product, is a payments ecosystem that links financial institutions and mobile money operators to merchants and their customers across Africa. We provide end to end integration between billers and a variety of customer touch-points (bank, mobile, cards, ATMs, POS, etc).  This delivers realtime engagement with customers by providing agile payment solutions that are easy to use.

In the banks, Transflow® combines the knowledge-base and workflow of a merchants to assist in capturing payments and provides the payment data as feedback into the workflow to run subsequent processes.

The TransFlow Payment Gateway is currently linked to more than ten Banks in Ghana. This has payment channels such as Web, Phone & Pay and varied Mobile money used by telecommunication companies. Most of the current products on the platform are linked to the mobile bill payment system.

ITC acts as an aggregator for Mobile Network Operator (MNOs) using its TransFlow Biller Middleware. ITC is a major Aggregator for MTN Ghana and is in a process of implementing pay TV bill payment for MTN Liberia. We are currently at the testing stage with this project.

TransFlow is currently the single largest aggregation platform in Ghana, averaging transactional values of approximately USD 5 Million a month.


This brings to the bank’s client the convenience to perform a defined set of banking operations from their mobile phone. It runs on USSD and works on any type of phone. Request for Statement, stop cheque, cheque book and account balance is possible. Funds transfer, bill payments, airtime purchases, account opening initiation can also be done by the client.


This is a solution allows a merchant’s client to create a mandate, and when the mandate is approved, its sent to the bank for it to be authorized. Upon authorization, the client’s account is then debited. A client can request to create a new mandate, amend an existing mandate and cancel a mandate. After the creation of the mandate, the system automatically generate the next mandate for execution without any human intervention.


Through our platforms educational institution can receive payments and have a central place all payment records are properly curated.


A savings product on Mobile Money with Fidelity Bank. Customer accounts are created on the fly using their KYC from MTN, and interest is calculated daily. Yello save accounts are accessible exclusively on Mobile Money.


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FONNPAY Content here.


This is a solution for clients to make payments for goods and services instantly using Mobile money wallet.
An aggregation and settlement platform for merchants using mobile money. There are over 1,000 such merchants enrolled


OSIS is our online student information System. It handles document management, Payments, Grading, Graduation and Registration Enrollment.


This enables bank customers to initiate and execute an ATM cash withdrawal without a card and also allow non back accounts holder to withdraw money using a token.


This is a solution that enables the bank’s teller to perform banking services at the doorstep of the customer. Funds hit accounts in core banking instantly, receipts are given instantly, and the collectors and amounts are tracked. Other modules available are Account Opening, Disbursement and Bill Payments. This solution can be used for Agency Banking.




An aggregation API for developers to have access to all the mobile money wallets in the country